Top Answers Related to CS Executive Questions

Top Answers Related to CS Executive Questions

1. How to write CS Executive answers?

Answer– In CS Executive write the answers on both sides of the answer sheet. The primary answer sheet that is given, all the pages should be utilized. But every new query should begin on a new page.

Writing clean answers for examinations a student must make the habit of writing clean notes from online classes.

2. How to clear the CS Executive examination in the first attempt?

Answer– a student must understand the complete study material of the CS Executive then make practice notes. Making a proper timetable will ensure the completion of all notes.

Top Answers Related to CS Executive Questions

Setting a particular target will help in reaching the goal. By analyzing the actual performance, every week results in efficient learning. Never follow other students.

3. Is the new CS Executive syllabus tough?

Answer– it consists of a huge syllabus, which is impossible for a student to know everything. So focus must be given to the weightage chapters only and learn the basic terms. Students must have a thorough knowledge of the entire syllabus.

4. What is the pattern of CS executives?

Answer– it is an examination consisting of subjective questions of 100 marks. There is a negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer. The passing criteria are to get at least 40marks out of total. 

5. Is a CS executive tough?

Answer– It will be tough without proper guidance. Taking online classes will be better because it allows a student to learn anywhere they want. Video lectures are easy to understand. During the revision time also online lectures help a lot.

You should complete the target that is assigned for every day. 3rounds of revision are essential for making the study concrete. Skipping topics will not help because later on, you will face difficulty in finishing the chapter.

6. How many hours should I study for a CS Executive?

Answer– there must be a mandatory time of 3hours for revision after taking online classes. This will help in learning the topics in-depth. It must be done within 24hours after classes. Within the first 2hours 1st revision should get completed so that time remains for 2nd and 3rd revisions. But the entire thing should be done after online lectures.

7. How many attempts are there for CS executives?

Answer–  For CS Executive 10 attempts are available which means a student can reappear in the examination a maximum of 10times. A student is not allowed to appear after failing the 10th attempt as well.

8. How can I get an exemption in the CS Executive Programme?

Answer–  A student needs to get more than 60% on a paper and a minimum of 25% to pass the examination. If the criteria are fulfilled then the student is exempted from seating in the examination of that subsequent paper.

9. Are CS Executive subjects?

Answer– The total course is divided into three parts. Among which CS Executive is the middle one consisting of company law, commercial law, tax law, general law, securities law, and accounts & audit practice.

Module I has jurisprudence, interpretation & general laws, company laws, setting up of business entities and closure and tax laws. Module II on the other hand has corporate & management accounting, securities laws & capital markets, economic, business and commercial laws, financial & strategic management.

10. How to pass a CS Executive in 30 days?

Answer– The study plan should consist of a few hours of self-study as well apart from the coaching classes. This will ensure the completion of the syllabus in a month by incorporating more than one subject per day.

All the productive hours must be spent reading by utilizing the full potential. Studying the relevant subjects and video lectures is the key to success.

11. Is CS Executive MCQ based 2021?

Answer– The mode of examination will be offline in 2021 that is pen and paper-based. For all the objective questions candidates will be given OMR sheets and normal pages for the subjective questions.

The subjective questions are divided into 4 parts consisting of 6 questions in each part. The frequency of examination is twice a year. The total aggregate must be 200 for qualifying for the examination.

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