Company Secretary Career – A Worth Doing the Ultimate Course

This career deals with the activities, which are related to legal matters of the business. The role of a company secretary is maintaining all the records, tax returns and evaluating all the legal aspects of the organization.

They mainly act as the support or backbone of the board of directors and administrative staff. However, nowadays their roles have changed and have expanded a lot.

Their role is to take care of the corporate governance and legal matters of the business. All the company secretaries who are a part of the administration remain responsible for the statutory and regulatory compliance for the implementation of the decisions of the board of directors.

In most of the legal documents, the name of the company secretary is presented. It also represents that all the directors are working under the compliances for the company. They also communicate with the shareholders and maintain all the records.

Company Secretary Course Duration

The company secretary is a total 3-year professional course, which is similar to an undergraduate or postgraduate course. They are conducted under the institute of company secretaries of India. The course is divided into three levels 

  • The foundation course of 8 months
  • The intermediate or the executive course of 9months
  • The final or the professional course of 15months

The foundation course of CS includes all the business environment, entrepreneurship, management, communication, ethics, economics and accounting.

Company Secretary Career – A Worth Doing the Course

The executive programme consists of the law related to companies, commercial law and tax law, general law, security law and audit practices. In the final level of this professional course, you will get to learn all the company secretarial practices, financial and treasury management.

At this level, you can choose a specialization between banking law and practice, capital, commodity and money market, insurance law and practice, intellectual property rights and international business laws.

You can get admission to the institute of company secretaries of India after class 12 standards coming from any discipline except fine arts.

Those students who have cleared the graduation can directly join the executive level. In India, most of the courses are provided to the students based on their merit marks and some institutes also held entrance examinations to test the student’s capability.

There are some of the top colleges to pursue company secretaries

  • India Gandhi national open university
  • The institute of company secretaries of India
  • Aligarh Muslim university
  • Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya Indore
  • National Institute of information technology
  • Narsee monjee college of commerce and economics
  • Jawaharlal Nehru technological university

There is a training period, which all the students have to undergo after completion of the course

  • The student induction programme of 7days
  • The compulsory computer training programme of 70 hours
  • The executive development programme of 8days
  • Training in a specialized agency for 15 days
  • Article ship training programme of 15 months
  • The professional development programme of 25hours

All the company secretaries are in good demand in both the public and private sectors. You will get a bright future in the professional arena. It is one of the most powered and prestigious job profiles. The company secretaries can also be a part of the board of directors.

The company secretaries should have good communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and organizational skills. You can also be the chair or director of a company. A company secretary can also work in the stock exchanges, company affairs department, law board and various government departments. 

Some of the skills, which are necessary for becoming a company secretary are-

  • A person must be highly dedicated towards the work and hardworking
  • Knowledge about the legal aspects of accounting, taxation, auditing and other financial activities must be there
  • A company secretary should have the ability to work hard honestly and with commitment
  • The person must possess excellent written and oral communication skills with good organisational and management maintenance knowledge.
  • You should also know the business and finance law.

Some of the areas where you will be able to work as company secretaries are-

  • As an assistance to the board of directors
  • Company registrar
  • Legal advisor
  • Corporate policymaker
  • Chief administrative officer
  • Principal secretary
  • Corporate planner
  • Chairman
  • Managing director
  • Administrative secretary
  • Investor capital market relations
  • Contents coordinator

With the increasing number of companies, proliferating in India and along with the introduction of new companies act increases the demand of company secretaries because every company has to get the annual returns signed by them properly. Nowadays companies require candidates who have all over knowledge about the subject.

The CS professionals who know about taxation, accounting with various laws are well accepted here. The company secretaries do not have any stress regarding the requirements and deadlines. There is no limitation of submission of the work for administrative purposes. It is not a tough job just like other fields where people suffer from health problems and dissatisfaction in the job.

Most of the company secretaries deal with various hardware’s and software is which are stored in electronic document format. You can become company secretary at any age because there is no restriction for the students to join this competitive environment.

A person with good job experience and a positive attitude can go to grab this opportunity. All the doubts regarding the satisfaction in job, salary, knowledge and growth went invisible in this position. They handle more authoritative positions, which provides both the opportunities and space for ideas and opinions.

People who are company secretaries get early recognition of their career with a high management position. They also have flexible working hours so that the employees can establish a balance between their personal and professional life. There are no rules of over timing unless it is very urgent. You can easily enjoy your life and manage all the precious time for the family and office in an equal manner.


Company secretaries generally deal with the authority of the higher levels, which helps them in favouring the reputation of the companies. There are many things to learn from the higher authorities because of longer experiences and engagement with the management.

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