CS Professional Syllabus 2022 | Subject-wise Details

CS Professional Syllabus 2022 | Subject-wise Details

Company Secretaries are valued among the most important persons in an organization responsible for making decisions regarding the administration of a company. Those persons generally act as an essential link between the external and internal parties like the stakeholders, regulatory authorities, governments and board members of the organization. CS Professional Syllabus structure & subject details for 2022.

They also carry out such duties as endorsing legal requirements, communicating with officials and maintaining records of the company. Company secretaries are in house legal experts who have specialization in the capital market, corporate laws, security laws and corporate governance.

Their job profile requires a specific skill and knowledge for carrying out vast duties. Therefore, different CS professional subjects enable individuals to get knowledge about the course completely and become experts in those areas.

Since all the company secretaries handle ample responsibilities together there are different subjects taught to them at different levels. They prepare the potential candidates in a very organic manner. The various subjects include the following-

CS Foundation course– this course is structured to provide the basic skills and knowledge because it is the first step in the profession of the company secretary. This level helps to test the potential candidates whether they are capable or not.

CS Executive program- after clearing the foundation course the executive program begins where you need to take admission to these courses. This is given according to the marks obtained at the foundation level. In this program, both the written and discussion examination are held to test the knowledge of the candidates.

CS Professional program- this level is considered the toughest one and the last one before getting the recognition of a company secretary. In this level, you will get complex subjects, which are divided, into 3modules with 2core subjects.

In this article, you will get to know several CS Professional Syllabus-

Module 1 Consists of 3 Papers

  • Advanced tax laws
  • Drafting pleading and appearances
  • Governance, risk management and ethics

Module 2 Consists 3 Papers

  • Resolution of corporate disputes
  • Restructuring of corporate areas
  • Secretarial audit

Module 3 Consists 3 papers

  • Multidisciplinary case studies
  • Corporate funding and name listing in stock exchanges
  • Elective Subject

Among the elective subjects, there are a vast range of choices namely-

  • Intellectual property rights
  • Laws and practice
  • Direct tax law and practice
  • Valuation and business modelling
  • Labour laws and practice
  • Insurance law
  • Forensic audit
  • Banking law

There have been many changes from the old syllabus to the new syllabus in CS Professional subjects. Candidates start earning right after completing this particular curse. The curriculum, which is provided here, is intense and enables the students to perform under extreme conditions.

Company secretaries are eligible to work as members of stock exchanges, financial institutions, department of company affairs, financial management, company secretaryship consultancy firms, company law boards and banks.

CS Professional Syllabus & Subjects Module 1

Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVTotal
Module 1
Paper -1: government, risk management, compliances and ethicsgovernanceRisk managementcomplianceEthics and sustainability
Paper- 2: advanced tax lawsGoods and service taxCustoms lawDirect tax and international taxation
Paper-3: drafting, pleadings and appearances

CS Professional Syllabus & Subjects Module 2

Part IPart IITotal
Module 2
Paper 4: secretarial audit, compliance management and due diligenceCompliance managementSecretarial Audit and due diligence
Paper 5: corporate restructuring, insolvency and winding upCorporate restructuringInsolvency and liquidation
Paper 6:resolution of corporate disputes, non-compliances and remedies

CS Professional Syllabus & Subjects Module 3

Part IPart IITotal
Module 3
paper 7: corporate funding and listings in stock exchangesCorporate fundinglistings
Paper 8: multidisciplinary case studies
Paper 9: eight elective papers

Elective subjects are as follows

Paper nameMarks
Banking law and practice100
Insurance law and practice100
Intellectual property rights-laws and practice100
Forensic audit100
Direct tax laws and practice100
Labour laws and practice100
Valuations and business modellingPart I: valuations(70) and part II: business modelling’s (30)
Insolvency laws and practices100

  Study Material – Professional Programme New Syllabus-2022

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Module List

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3

Paper 1 of Governance, Risk Management and Compliances Consists of the following topics-

Part I- Governance

  • Conceptual framework
  • Legislative framework
  • Board effectiveness
  • Board committees
  • Corporate policies and disclosures
  • Performance evaluation of board and management
  • Role of promoter/ controlling shareholder and many more
  • Monitoring a group of entities and subsidiaries
  • Accounting of audit-related issues
  • Related party transactions
  • Vigil mechanism
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate government forums
  • Parameters of better-governed companies
  • Family enterprise and corporate governance

Part II- Risk Management

  • Risk identification and audit

Part-III – Ethics and Sustainability

  • Ethics and business
  • Sustainability
  • Models/ approaches to measuring business sustainability
  • Indian and contemporary laws

Part IV- Compliance

  • Compliance management
  • Internal control
  • Reporting
  • Website management

Paper 2- Advanced Tax Laws consist of the following topics:

Part I- Indirect tax

  • Goods and service tax
  • Procedural compliances under GST
  • Demand and recovery, advance ruling
  • Compliance rating, anti-profiteering, GST practitioners
  • Integrated goods and service tax
  • Union territory goods and service
  • Input tax credit and computation of GST liability
  • Supply

Customs law

  • basic concepts of customs law
  • valuation and assessment of imported and exported goods and procedural aspects
  • arrival or departure and clearance
  • goods, warehousing, duty
  • the advance ruling, settlement commission

Part II: direct tax and international taxation

  • corporate tax planning and tax management

Paper 3 consists of drafting, pleadings and appearances

It consists of –

  • judicial and administration framework
  • general principles of drafting and relevant substantive rules
  • secretarial practices and drafting
  • drafting and conveyance relating

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Try to focus on understanding the concept of the subject instead of memorizing it and adopt an analytical approach to learn it better.

Always study extensively to cover the entire significant topic. Do not go on by selective basis. Practice all the calculation-based questions to get an accurate result before the examination. To understand the practicality of the subjects practice all the case studies.

Maintain time management so that you can complete the paper on time in examinations. Always give concentration to the theory and application-based subjects equally.

Stay updated on the relevant knowledge related to the company secretary through the official publications.

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