CSEET Important Chapters and Topics For 2021 Exam

CSEET Important Chapter

Introduction of the syllabus for company secretary  executive entrance test [CSEET]

The Council of the Institute of Company Secretaries of  India in the exercise of the powers vested under clause[a] of subsection[2] of section 15 of the company secretaries act 1980, as amended by the Company Secretaries  [Amendment] Act 2006, read with regulation 20[1][ii] of  Company Secretaries [Amendment]Regulations, 2021 has approved the syllabus for CSEET.

Passing of CSEET is mandatory for all candidates to register for the CS Executive Programme, except a few exempted categories of candidates w.e.f. 2021.

The Syllabus of CSEET shall comprise of four papers and  the nomenclature of the papers is as under- 

  • Paper 1: Business Communication (50 marks) 
  • Paper 2: Legal Aptitude of Logical Reasoning (50 marks) 
  • Paper 3: Economic and Business Environment (50 marks)
  • Paper 4: Current Affairs and Communication skills  (50 marks) 

Paper 1  Business Communication 

This paper is to test the knowledge of the candidates about the essentials of English Grammar and critical aspects of Business Communication.

  • English Grammar and its usage-Noun, Pronouns,  Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions,  
  • Conjunctions, Interjection, Voice, Articles, Tenses, Prefix and Suffix, Punctuations, etc. 
  • Enriching Vocabulary-Choice of words, Synonyms, and  Antonyms 
  • Common errors in English 
  • Words with multiple meaning 
  • One word substitution 
  • Words frequently misspelled 
  • Homophones 
  • Idioms and phrases 
  • Proverbs
  • Abbreviations 
  • Para jumbles 
  • Sentence completion 
  • Sentence arrangement 
  • Sentence correction 
  • Foreign words and phrases commonly used 
  • Comprehension of passage and art of Summarizing

Paper 2 Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

This paper is likewise divided into two parts – Legal  Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. Each part consists of 25  marks. Candidates can refer to the topics of both the  parts which is mentioned below:

  • Elements of General Laws (Indian Contract Act and Law  of Torts) 
  • Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation
  • Elements of Company Law 
  • Questions of Fact (or factual issues) 
  • Questions of Law (or legal issues) 
  • Landmark Judgments of Supreme Court and High Court
  • Legal Fundamentals and Terms 
  • Legal Problems – Reading and understanding a case 
  • Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties
  • Directive Principles of State Policy 
  • State under Constitution 
  • President and Governors 
  • Council of Ministers and Prime Minister
  • Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and Legislative Assembly,  Legislative Council 
  • Supreme Court and High Courts 
  • Landmark Amendment in Constitution
  • List of subjects-Centre, State and Concurrent
  • Calendars 
  • Cause and Effect Reasoning 
  • Clocks 
  • Coding and Decoding 
  • Deriving Conclusion from Passages 
  • Drawing Inference 
  • Number Test 
  • Sequence and Series 
  • Statement and Assumptions 
  • Alphabet Test 
  • Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle 
  • Analogy 
  • Assertion and Reason 
  • Blood Relations 
  • Decision Making 
  • Inserting Missing Characters 
  • Indian Constitution
  • Elements of General Laws (Indian Contract Act and  Law of Torts) 
  • Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation
  • Elements of Company Law 
  • Legal Reasoning 
  • Logical Reasoning 
  • Verbal Reasoning 
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning 

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Paper 3 Economic and Business Environment

This paper is likewise partitioned into two sections – Economics and Business Environment. Each part comprises 25 imprints. The themes shrouded in this  paper are referenced underneath:

  •  Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market  Competition 
  • National Income Accounting and Related Concepts
  • Indian Union Budget 
  • Indian Financial Markets 
  • Public and private sector banks 
  • Industrial Finance Corporation of India, Small  Industries Development Bank of India 
  • Regional Rural Banks 
  • Cooperative Banks
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies 
  • Basics of Capital Market: Types of Shares and  Debentures 
  • Financial assistance scenario for Small and Medium  Enterprises and Start-Ups. 
  • Current scenario of agriculture and allied activities in  India 
  • Agricultural and Industrial Policies of India
  • Current scenario of the services sector in India
  • Balance of Payments 
  • Components of Balance of Payments 
  • Favorable and Unfavorable Balance of Trade
  • Foreign Investments in India- Types and Flows
  • Overview of Business Environment 
  • Features and factors influencing the business  environment 
  • Types of the environment: Economic environment,  Socio-cultural environment, Political environment,  Legal and Technological environment 
  • Ease of Doing Business Index by World Bank for India  and Department for Promotion of Industry and  Internal Trade (DPIIT) for States 
  • Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market  Competition 
  • National Income Accounting and Related Concepts
  • Indian Union Budget
  • Indian Financial Markets 
  • Indian Economy 
  • Indian Economy 
  • Business Environment 
  • Key Government Institutions 

Paper 4 Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills

This paper is isolated into two sections – current issues comprising 20 imprints and introduction and correspondence skills (viva voice) comprising 30  imprints.

  • Business personalities and leaders 
  • Committees and appointments 
  • Art and culture 
  • Books and their authors 
  • Awards and honors 
  • Sports 
  • Current political scenario 
  • Initiatives/ schemes of the government 
  • Language and national symbols 
  • Governance and ethics 
  • International diplomacy 
  • Questions based on audio clips – Monologue – Dialogue
  • Grammar Test 
  • Vocabulary Test 
  • Writing on a given topic 
  • Correcting a given paragraph 
  • Short Note writing 
  • Essay writing 
  • Precis writing 
  • Current affairs of national and international  importance 
  • Listening Skills 
  • Communication Skills – Written 
  • Communication Skills- Oral

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