Fund Flow Statement – Corporate and Management Accounting MCQ


Fund Flow Statement – Corporate and Management Accounting MCQ

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Depreciation provided during the year: Furniture ₹ 15,000, Building ₹ 14,000.The statement of P & L for the year:Opening balance ₹ 38,500Add Profit for the year ₹ 40,300,Less: Goodwill wrote off ₹ 15,000,Closing balance ₹ 63,800.What will be the number of funds from the operation?

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Which of the following statement is correct?

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June 2018: Which of the following does not come under the scope of management accounting?

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Assertion (A):Management accounting can be defined as processing and presenting accounting, cost accounting, and other economic data.
Reason (R):It is an analysis of all the transactions, financial and physical, to enable effective comparison to be made between the forecasts and actual performance.

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The total increase in current ₹ 20,000 assetsThe total increase in current ₹ 80,000 liabilitiesTotal decrease in current ₹ 1,30,000 assetsThe total decrease in current ₹ 30,000 liabilitiesThe net change in working capital is:

While analyzing the opening and closing balance sheet of a company the following are observed:

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In the fund flow statement, the flow of fund will occur when a transaction is happened between:

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In Management Accounting, analysis of accounting data are carried out with the help of:

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Management accounting works on the output of:

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Management accounting and cost accounting are____to each other.

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June 2017: Net Profit + Non-Cash expenses =

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Assertion (A):In management accounting firm decisions on pricing policy can be taken.
Reason (R):As the marginal cost per unit is constant from period to period within a short span of time.

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Management Accounting aims at:

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: Which of the following is not applied in Management Accounting?

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A company reported a current year profit of ₹ 12,00,000which includes the following:Profit on sale of equipment:Share issue expenses:Dividend income:Tax:Profit on revaluation of fixed assets :The amount of funds from operation will be_______

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June 2016: The balance of the investment account is ₹ 20,000 on 31 st March 2014 and ₹ 30,000 on 31st March 2015. As per additional information, dividend received ₹ 3,000 includes ₹ 1,000 from pre-acquisition profit which is credited to an investment account. The amount of investment purchased/sold during the year 2014-2015 is

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June 2016: Which one of the following is a non-current item

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A company reported current year profit as ₹ 70,000 after the following adjustments:Loss on sale of equipment: ₹ 9,000Premium on debenture redemption: ₹ 1,500Tax provision: ₹ 22,000Dividend income: ₹ 4,000Profit on revaluation of fixed asset: ₹ 2,500The amount of fund from operations will be

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June 2016: If provision for taxation is treated as a current liability, then payment of tax is

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Assertion (A):Funds are not related to working capital.
Reason (R):The flow of funds takes place whenever there is a change in the funds.

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June 2015: Which of the following statement is not true –

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June 2015: Which of the following does not result in an inflow of funds in case of fund flow statement

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Which of the following results in a decrease in working capital

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Provision of income-tax 33,000
Depreciation 6,500
Preliminary expenses written-off 1,500
Bad debts 500
Loss on sale of furniture 2,500
Discount allowed to customers 1,900
Discount received from trade creditors 1400After considering the above information, find out the funds from operation

Net profit of A Ltd. amounted to 40,000.

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