How to Prepare for CA Foundation in 3 Months

Sometimes it becomes very unfortunate for the students not to pass the exams regardless of working hard and preparing for the examination. In recent years when the competition is at peak for the educational field and a secure future, smart work has become the key to success rather than working for a long duration.

Positive outcomes will only come when a student applies knowledge as well as intelligence in the same manner. In the whole educational world, Chartered Accountancy is the course which most of the students struggle to pass.

Not only is it chosen for a promising and secure future but also for gaining recognition in the professional field. But if the exams are not cleared then it makes a student lose confidence. That is why taking several tests and getting the idea about examinations is important.

How to Prepare for CA Foundation in 3 Months

Importance of Coaching

In chartered accountancy the majority of the subjects need expert guidance and knowledge to understand. It consists of completing a huge pile of books within a very limited time which is why professional coaching centres have developed all over the country to support future students.

The coaching centres are opened by former CA students who wish to pursue a career in teaching and supporting the younger generations.

For getting a good percentage in a competitive or entrance exam it is essential to understand the keywords and the concepts rather than mugging up the topics because in these types of exams questions are asked of different varieties and types. Students require help to reach the main goal.

Passing out Chartered Accountancy will give the enormous opportunity to the students for living their life securely and earning handsomely. It provides jobs in the most reputed corporate companies or multi-national companies.

Working in a Strategy

Getting Rid of Anxiety

Students get confused right before the exam for getting stressed about the huge syllabus in comparison to the limited time of examination.

Giving up is the most dangerous thing often obtained by the students. Properly planning the timetable of studies and managing the social life on the other note will help in getting a good score.

Following proper time

Time management must be followed by the students while studying for the CA Foundation exam. It will become more efficient if the study plan is made accordingly followed by a goal. Plenty of coaching institutions and schools are offering CA Foundation classes. But nothing will work until it is not planned properly.


A student besides preparing in the coaching centres should also go through the reading materials carefully to get the total idea of the subject. Gathering information from various sources will help in learning tactics and different processes of problem-solving.

Perfect outcomes

Revision after completing the whole syllabus is important for checking all the mistakes and rectifying them. The main aim must be to complete the revision within the 3 months so that every subject will get covered on time.

Subjects that need more attention and practice are as follows:-

Many students do not take up Maths in class 12. All the non-maths students should focus on statistics and logical reasoning in mathematics rather than other theory subjects because these subjects need more practice.

Logical reasoning consists of 20 marks and the rest of the score is equally secluded among statistics and mathematics. Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India has introduced a paper known as Business mathematics and logical reasoning and statistics which is of a total of 100 marks.

Calculator tricks to use during the examination

  • For calculating a repetitive number the K symbol needs to be pressed twice and after that, it will appear on the screen of the calculator.
  • For calculating the NPV, the gross total button is a time saver as it stores the information of the previous operation and adds it to the current one. In the meantime, it helps the students to proceed to the next problem because of their auto storing system.
  • Memory buttons like M+, M- are crucially used in chartered accountancy courses for calculating numbers and getting the final result on time.
  • Without writing repetitive numbers a student can simply enter a number and press the * button then =, to get the result.

Significance of taking a break in between

Often students hesitate to continue studying for a long time which is why taking short breaks in between is essential. But during the study breaks usage of mobile phones or watching televisions should be avoided. Everyone has their own time to study theory and maths at different time intervals.

Measure limits

Whenever the limit of the brain reaches its extreme point then a student feels fatigued. In such times learning is not done, the brain only reads the material. It is important to take a break at that time and resume again after some time.

Utilize the maximum capacity

The mind will become overloaded and stressful if students study for an extended duration at a stretch. In this way, the maximum potential of the students will not be utilised. The mind needs some refreshment to start a new work.


The learning process becomes more effective when the mind gets refreshed. Preserving the information in mind comes down much easier. Memorizing is a great part of the study which must be done attentively. With the relaxation of the body, the mind should also function at the optimum level to bring out the potential of the individual.

Solving Mock Test Papers

Several mock test papers are available on the internet from various coaching institutions and learning apps. Solving the entire similar questions pattern within the stipulated time is essential for getting an idea about the real examination. Learning is not only the key but also one needs to solve and test their knowledge.

One thing students need to be sure of is that the whole syllabus must be completed before taking the mock tests. Solving 2 papers each day will be enough for calculation of time and gaining writing speed as well as recovery. Students will get to know the pros and cons of their learning and weaknesses of a particular subject.


The focus must be on the learning part as there are no more known teachers or classmates like in school or colleges. Chartered Accountancy is completely a professional area where people showcase their skills and confidence about their strengths. Staying calm during the examination and keeping the mind ready to face any challenges will contribute to success. 

Revision after learning a part is vital before the examination. No one should leave any topic for the last hours because that will result in anxiety and stress. Presentation of the answer sheet also affects the creativity of the student. The answers should be intact and full of quality points instead of imaginative thoughts.

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