Everything You Need To Know About CS Articleship

ICSI has passed a new circular effective from 3 February 2021 stating the new training structure for the CS students. There are certain training programs, which the students need to complete after clearing the CS executive examination.

There is an executive development program of a total of 30 days which has to be done in 2 modes consisting of classroom and e-learning portals.

The learning can be done simultaneously both in online and offline mode. Under the new system, you need to register for the e-learning portal with a fee of Rs. 2000 and there is an exemption from the classroom mode if you have already completed that under the old structure. 

The practical training of CS can be started only after one 1month of completion of the EDP. The training continues for about 21months. If you are doing your training under the old structure then the changes can be done under the CS Amendment Regulation Act 2000.

A student is permitted to have 52 days leave in the whole 21months training period. The training is significantly like an internship program you are taught several entities of your domain. It gives a wide knowledge regarding the practical work rather than the textbook knowledge. 

Everything You Need To Know About CS Articleship

Below are some of the unique skills which you will learn in the training period:

1. Drafting

You will master skills in drafting legal documents like resolutions, notices, draft responses etc.

2. Exposure to the finance field

You will get the chance to work with the people of the finance departments especially during the preparation of financial statements.

3. Communication

Communication in English is crucial in the work environment. You will get a good grip on oral communication in the practical training. Dealing with bank works, writing e-mails on behalf of the company, answering conference calls, all require excellent English skills. If you are training in a corporate environment, you are required to act as a link between the directors and the stakeholders.

4. Initiative

During the complete training period, your initiative skills and knowledge will get enhanced. You will be encouraged to develop new ideas and present creativity in your work. Completion of work within the deadline and understanding every concept are crucial for your future references.

Things to consider before joining an articles program

The company in which you wish to join is in the corporate field must possess certain opportunities in the professional networking area. By completing the training, a student can update the work experience and details in his/her CV by which recognition will come for the jobs in the future. Only completing the article ship is not enough. You must have the knowledge and skills of being a good company secretary.

The big 4 famous companies of the world offer high stipend during the training period but at the same time, it requires long commitment hours of workload. The quality of the work becomes more intense and demands time, energy and effort of the employees.

It becomes very stressful for the majority of the students to tackle the training and studies at the same time. However, for the midsize firms and companies, the workload is less and not so stressful. This will be suitable for you if you are focusing on the CS final examination.

The corporate leadership development program is a complimentary program, which you have to go through after clearing the professional program and the practical training. This is done in between 30-60 days delivering the perfect blend of knowledge and skills. 

There is no exemption in the classroom mode of EDP based on incomplete training.

A student needs to submit a report of the project in which she/he is working every 3 months during the training period. The working report will be as follows-

Four reports for the one-year training period

Eight reports for the two-year training period

Twelve reports for the three-year training period

At the end of the training period, you need to submit a final project regarding the details of a particular topic assigned by your respective trainer.      

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