FREE CSEET Test Series

FREE CSEET Test Series

CSEET Legal Aptitude And Logical Reasoning Mock Test

Indian ConstitutionSOLVE NOW
Indian Contract ActSOLVE NOW
Law of TortsSOLVE NOW
Elements of Company Secretaries LegislationSOLVE NOW
Elements of Company LawSOLVE NOW
Legal ReasoningSOLVE NOW
Blood RelationsSOLVE NOW
Verbal ReasoningSOLVE NOW
Non Verbal ReasoningSOLVE NOW

CSEET Economics And Business Environment Mock Test

Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market CompetitionSOLVE NOW
National Income Accounting and Related ConceptsSOLVE NOW
Indian Union BudgetSOLVE NOW
Indian Financial MarketsSOLVE NOW
Indian EconomySOLVE NOW
Entrepreneurship ScenarioSOLVE NOW
Business EnvironmentSOLVE NOW
Key Government InstitutionsSOLVE NOW

CSEET Business Communication Mock Test

English Grammar and its UsageSOLVE NOW
Enriching VocabularySOLVE NOW
Comprehension of Passage and Art of SummarizingSOLVE NOW
Concept of Business CommunicationSOLVE NOW
Listening SkillsSOLVE NOW
Business CorrespondenceSOLVE NOW
Concept of E-CorrespondenceSOLVE NOW
Common Business TerminologiesSOLVE NOW

CSEET Current Affairs Mock Test

International and National AffairsSOLVE NOW
Financial AffairsSOLVE NOW
Political AffairsSOLVE NOW
Legal and Other AffairsSOLVE NOW
Presentation and Communication SkillsSOLVE NOW

The following subjects are tested in CSEET:

  • Paper 1 : Business Communication (50 marks)
  • Paper 2 : Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning (50 marks)
  • Paper 3 : Economic and Business Environment (50 marks)
  • Paper 4 : Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce) (50 marks)