Tips for average CA students for cracking CA examination

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In the morning, minds remain fresh which is an ideal time for studying theory papers. Utilize the time for preparing at least one theory paper for two hours. Take a short nap after lunch, which will help in getting rid of stress. In the evening, start with one theory paper for about two hours then with a practical paper of your choice.

Make a schedule for balancing theory and practical papers each day. In this manner, you will be able to cover many chapters properly.

Make Schedules

Schedules must be done beforehand of completing a course. Do not make such routines, which are impossible to achieve like studying 16 hours every day. Studying properly for even 10 hours is good enough for completing a course.

Productivity must be increased and achieved instead of overthinking the routine. You should prepare the schedules in such a way that notes of all coaching centers get completed at least before 2 months of the examination. Apart from the coaching, self-study is really important so that you understand the topic very carefully. 

Always prepare short notes taking help from mentors and teachers if you have a problem with the huge syllabus. Many of the students focus on practical papers rather than on theory papers. But it takes a lot of time and dedication to complete theory papers. 

Collect study materials and question papers from the last years to get an idea about the subject thoroughly. In every examination 20-30 questions are repeated which are meant for intelligent quotient. Preparing all these questions and compiling them together will help in the examination. You will save a lot of time by being asked questions because there is no need to put your thoughts to it again.

Tips to keep in mind for practical papers

In the costing and MAFA paper, thousands of notes are available. Understand and solve only different types of questions. Similar questions with different numbers will lead to a wastage of time. Focus on the techniques with which questions are solved.

Tips for average CA students for cracking CA examination

The adjustments required in sum are necessary to remember. Highlight the part every time you solve it. There is no need to revise every question because some adjustments are the same. 

Accounting standards

It is an important paper that is both required in accounts and audit papers. It consists of around 30 marks in the examination, which is easy to revise and read.

It is a paper, which does not require any extra time to prepare. Utilize your idle and leisure time like reading a storybook.

Focus on the operating cycle

In the financial management paper there is an operating cycle system. This technique can be utilised for preparation in the IPCC. Concentration must be given on important questions and not on irrelevant questions. During the revision, take a pencil in your hand and mark all the questions, which are done. With this concept, you can prepare every question and still get extra time in your hand. 

This process is called auditing by which you can complete one chapter per day. It will take a month to complete 30 chapters. This practice will ensure a thorough revision if followed for all subjects. You can gain confidence in time management from this. Smart work rather than hard work is necessary. 

If you are having a higher SOC then drop one group. By this, you will get ample time for revision and can pursue your articleship effectively. Revising more than 2 times will boost your confidence.


The solutions to previous questions must be solved repeatedly. Some of the questions are repeated every year. If you prepare for the same then there is a good scope of scoring higher in the CA exams.

Taking practice tests

Every student is tense on the final day of the examination. That is why nowadays many online and offline coaching centers have started taking mock tests at least 2 months before the examination to feel the pressure of the examination.

It enhances your knowledge and writing skills along with managing proper time. This is taken as a formal pen-paper test, which plays a key role in the examination.

Look after your health

By studying for an extended duration your health will become unhealthy. Consume your food properly and eat nutritious food every day. This will help in keeping the mind and body fresh.

Sleep for at least 8 hours and drink enough water so that you do not dehydrate yourself. Avoid fast foods and junk foods to get rid of sickness. Do not be overstressed and stay confident.

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